As I stood on the corner by the bus stop next to my apartment building, some drunk men started arguing with people at the bus stop. There were two guys there. There was an older man that doesn’t live in my building, but his dad does. For this observation, we will call him Juan. The other guy is kind of young and we can call him Jeff.

This bus stop had a green metal bench and smelled of stale beer. There is a garbage can nearby that was full. Trash was all around it and no one seemed to care. This bus stop is near a major intersection, so there is plenty of traffic around. There is a drugstore across the street. A bar and parking lot sits behind the bench. A block away is a 7-11 store. There is a pawn shop on another corner.

Juan I actually have seen him drunk quite a few times. There was a young lady there and she thought Juan might have been having a seizure and she seemed to be talking to someone on the phone. Juan seemed to not really interact much with anyone. Jeff, on the other hand, was talking random things to the young lady. He started by saying “this is what happens in the hood”. She was trying to explain that she live her in this area and if he did he should show some respect for you neighborhood. The argument started to escalate to where another person at the bus stop joined in. There were at least seven people standing at the bus stop. Juan and Jeff hovered around the bench so no one wanted to sit down. This argument finally slowed down when the bus came. There was a wheeled chair coming off, but that didn’t stop Jeff from still arguing and trying fight a couple of the young men there.

I know I was supposed to stay there twenty minutes to record more of what was happening, but I thought it was time to get upstairs to my safe apartment. I do usually don’t mind sitting around recording activity, but this was too intense. An observation post is a bit hard to do.

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