I was reading a post from jazzyjenness, Help the Helped and I thought of trying to be alone on purpose. I have days where I want to be alone and drown my sorrows with chocolate and Disney movies. I now have a new challenge keeping bad distractions out of my life.

I have people that want me to stay miserable and broke so they come around tempting me to spend my money or to do things that will jeopardise my living arrangements. So I have decided Isolation will help me with that. I don’t me I won’t call my family from time to time but I am eliminating visitors from my home until I am back on a good track. I binge watch tv shows, YouTube videos, and now I am blogging more than ever.

I will end this by saying I will not shut everyone out but I will keep away from anyone that is destructive to my life. I may keep in touch online but mostly my mom. I don’t know if this is healthy for me but it will help for the time being.