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I decided, some time back, to create an image that only my friends and family would understand. My love of chocolate was well known, but I remember someone thinking I was the color of milk chocolate. My first attempt was creating my first email with the name Chacalit. I used that for many years.

I later decided I want to start my own business with the name. I was going to sell something online through the site to make myself known. I even went to the point of paying for the business license and business to say I owned my business, I actually still own the domain name. Making logos for the business was very difficult. I tried several of them, but the pictures were not professional. I now have a generic one.

Product Logo-1

What I did was find this picture and added the name to it. I call it my logo but whatever. I set up a website, but it was too expensive to run the website with hosting. I use a free website provider now that has the name in it: http://chacalit.webs.com/. I will work on the real domain soon enough.

Now I would like to have the site known for helping the homeless in the city I live in and for promoting the products I make from home. I was homeless for quite awhile and it had made a huge difference in my life. I am not sure if the business image is representing me or what the company is about but I hope this blog helps people understand more. I want my audience to understand me and what the company is about.