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I started the day with running errands and ran into a few people that was currently using the #airbnb for a place to stay. One was a South American sounding individual. He said him and his wife was paying monthly about $600 for rent. They said it was way cheaper than renting. They started with traveling with it but now they are just living here in Denver paying these prices. I think it would be cool to rent out a room or a place without a major lease.

The second person was young and decided to travel while he was young. His destination is Las Vegas but for now he his going from place to place. He started in California then used AirBnb there then traveled by bus to Phoenix, Arizona. He stayed with his grandparents but moved to an Airbnb paying weekly rates. He then traveled to Denver to try things here for a while. He lost his ID and had to revert to day labor as a form of income to pay for his place to stay for the week. Once he has acquired his identification he will then travel to Las Vegas use AirBnB again until he gets a job and permanent housing.

The third person I met was and older one on the bus traveling to her home. She said that after she retired from her job, she decided to travel around the world. She used planes, trains, buses, and AirBnb to live. She said she used her Social Security Income to do this and she wants to write a book about her travels. She said it was going to be called a face looking adventure not Facebooking because the traveling was making her look at people faces and talking to them. Not the opposite which was looking at faces on social media and posting messages.

ADG Plays & Reviews Marvel’s Avengers: Future Imperfect DLC Video Collection, Trailers, Ending And Black Panther Teaser

The character definition’s are so different then what I am used to.


So this past week, I played and published a number of content videos of Square Enix’s Marvel Avenger’s Future Imperfect DLC, next-gen content, “ADG Plays For The First Time”, and other related Marvel Avengers news. One of these news inclusions featured the announcement and tease of Black Panther for Marvel Avengers. You can check it all out below. Warning a lot of these videos especially the cutscenes of course contains spoilers.

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The King Of Fighters XV Terry Bogard Character Trailer #10, Images And Details

This looks like it would be fun like Street Fighter.


Another week, another character trailer. Sorry to keep you waiting just the usual in my fighter with chronic fatigue but we are here we an extended trailer this week longer than the usual ones. It begins as usual. Then we get a cool one on one full fight with Terry Bogard Vs. Andy Bogard. Enjoy!

PS. Team Fatal Fury Seems To Be Complete!




Osaka, Japan, March 18th, 2021 – SNK CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company Chairman and President: Ge Zhihui) is proud to unveil the latest Team in the upcoming THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV (KOF XV). Team Fatal Fury consists of TERRY BOGARD, ANDY BOGARD and JOE HIGASHI, veterans from both the FATAL FURY as well as the KOF series.    

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A Look At Street Fighter V’s Dan Hibiki

This game has really evolved.


#ADGPlays#StreetFighterV​ on #PS5​ and gives you “A LOOK AT SF V DAN ON PS5 | STORY, ENDING, REVIEW, ALL SKINS, REACTIONS, & MORE”

  • 0:00​ Beginning Discussion On Street Fighter V, Dan Hibiki, and More
  • 0:50​ Dan Hibiki Character Story Begins / Intro
  • 3:02​ TV Tokyo Intro
  • 3:15​ Dan Hibiki Vs Sakura PS5 Gameplay / BACK TO THE ACTION
  • 3:37​ What You Doing Hibiki-San Cutscene / Blanka-Chan!
  • 4:40​ Cool Retro Throwback Map/Globe Scene
  • 4:53​ Dan Hibiki Vs Blanka
  • 5:36​ Dan Long Time No See Cutscene / That Saikyo Style!/Dan Hibiki Ending
  • 8:34​ Don’t Forget/What I May Do Later On/Coming Up Next
  • 9:24​ Checking Out The Dan Hibiki Skins (All Including Premium)
  • 10:37​ Dan Hibiki (Story Costume) Vs Eleven “It’s Going Down” Gameplay
  • 13:08​ Final Thoughts, Info, Impressions, Review On Dan Hibiki

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SMITE PS5 Un-Killable, Unstoppable Ah Muzen Cab Gameplay

This game seems different because of the character design. A new game for #ps5.


Witness Smite on PS5 through backward compatability in this video uploaded straight from the PlayStation 5. You will see Ah Muzen Cab in action, get a build and ideas that might help your Smite game as well.

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Da Gamer Show Episode 1 & 2 |PS5 Holiday Gaming, Cyberpunk 2077, WWE 2K Battlegrounds DLC & More

This is really cool. I love him sharing the newest game.


Da Gamer Show is a special project that I’m toying with. Not sure how long I will do it but it’s a way to fit balance into my life with YouTube, my personal life, as well as my personal gaming time. The show is a compilation on everything that has worked in the past with a few new things I want to do. In these first two episodes, I do everything from just holiday gaming for fun, Godfall For The First Time, Cyberpunk 2077 my initial launch week impressions, WWE 2K Battlegrounds news and gameplay from their latest free update add-on DLCs, Rogue Company discussion, completing Marvel Avengers’ Kate Bishop “Taking A.I.M. DLC, playful skits and more! Please support the content on YouTube as well with likes and comments. It’s a very rare treat for me lately on YouTube and it’s needed for me to stay up with the competition…

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ADG Plays Spider-Man: Miles Morales & PS5 “For The First Time” Featuring Da ADG Fam

I am loving this game. I know several people will see this and have to have it.


Wow! We made it new generation from Sony with the PlayStation 5 and Spider-Man Miles Morales. I’m totally stoke to play this game and I’m not along which is why Da ADG Fam, my son and daughter are alongside me for this ride. This game is looking to break history for tech and culture. Let’s Go!

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G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout Launch Trailer And Screenshots

The graphics and character design seem flawless. Thanks #AntDaGamer for sharing this info!


=====-PRESS RELEASE=====

Play as your favorite heroes and villains from Hasbro’s legendary franchise in this new team-based third-person shooter featuring split-screen co-op and multiplayer!

MINNEAPOLIS — Oct. 13, 2020 — G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, the new team-based third-person shooter inspired by Hasbro’s hit franchise, launches today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Play as both Team Joe and Team Cobra in this action-packed adventure featuring a co-op story campaign and PvP multiplayer.

Launch Trailer:

Experience an original story inspired by classic ’80s-style comics, over 17 campaign missions featuring epic locations like the U.S.S. Flagg and Cobra Headquarters, intense boss battles, and iconic vehicles like the Joes’ Persuader and Cobra H.I.S.S. tanks. Play the campaign on your own or with a friend in local split-screen co-op, then keep the fight going in four-player local PvP multiplayer modes like Capture the Flag, Assault, King of The Hill and Deathmatch Arena.

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Creativity During COVID-19


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I have been making masks to sell and pouches. I have been painting and sculpting. I have been trying to keep busy and not think of all the things happening around me which could push me into a deep depression. I am hoping that I can help and inspire others to do things to keep them from insanity.

I have a website for my products that I sell. I haven’t done any marketing because that would mean that I would have to increase my productivity. Also, I am making new things to add all the time. I have a lot of old items that I will start selling. I am going to list my newest item.

I am not sure if anyone cares but I also share here some of my friends blog posts or items there are selling. I need to find more people who want to spend the time creating to eases there troubled heart. Please tell me what you think about my site, products, or how I am doing on this blog.

This is something I wrote in my therapy writing workshop:

Fall Leaves

In the fall the leaves com down and are left behind. We loose loved ones too. Some fall down and are left by the way side. I know it is hard to let the leaves fall where they may but at times we must let them go to prepare for new ones. I know that the same emotions and thought can be applied to our loved ones. Sometimes we loose people due to tragedy or they just move on but if we accept it we can open our hearts for new people that may fill the void or help with the transition. Life is full of disappointments, loss, and new experiences. We can wait for things to happen or we can do nothing and we won’t move forward.

SEGA’s 13 Sentinels: Aegis Of Rim Launch Trailer

This looks like an interesting game.


13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim launch trailer gets you set for the adventure that is available now. This video also features the reviews of critical acclaimed outlets that have played the game already.

Be on the lookout for my ADG Plays “For The First Time” video of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim coming very soon.

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